Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Fish Balls

The fishball is a stuffed ball made of fish meat and is fine in material selection, exquisite in preparation, uniform in the skin, smooth, and crisp in food, and not greasy in a soup. The invention has the advantages of good taste, white and exquisite color, smooth and crisp texture, elasticity and delicious taste, and has special seafood flavor. It also has a high nutritional value and is a favorite food for most people. frozen fish ball It is well known that food such as fish balls needs to be frozen and preserved. Otherwise, it is easy to rot and … Read more

How to unfreeze the frozen sirloin?

Many people like to eat sirloin, eat meat, and also supplement the abundant nutrition. The nutritive value of the ox is very high. Not only is the fat content small, but it also contains high-quality protein and all kinds of amino acid, which can adequately supplement the human body requirements. As the sirloin is more susceptible to deterioration, it is usually frozen, and how will it be thawed at the time of consumption? The frozen beef and microwave thawing equipment produced by the leader microwave equipment can be used to unfreeze the sirloin. Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen … Read more

Why are microwave food freezers so popular in the microwave industry?

With the development of science and technology, our daily life has also been greatly improved. Some foods that need long-distance transportation or short shelf life will usually be frozen to extend their shelf life, such as frozen pork, frozen duck neck, and so on, but when eating, they need to be thawed will be used in a microwave food freezer. frozen food The leader microwave equipment is a professional microwave unfreezing equipment supplier. After repeated comparison, we selected the microwave food unfreezing machine of the company, and the advantage is very obvious. Advantages of microwave food freezer: The Microwave food … Read more

Development of microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood

Do you like seafood? Are you upset about thawing seafood? Are you looking for a good way to thaw seafood? After reading this article, I hope it will be helpful to you. Seafood products As shown in the figure, this is the seafood unfrozen by the frozen seafood microwave thawing machine produced by the leader microwave equipment company. Compared with the traditional thawing method, such as water unfreezing or natural thawing, the microwave thawing is an advanced thawing mode, and the defrosting effect can be better realized. The advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine products are as follows: … Read more

Durian Microwave Thawing Equipment

Many people like to eat fruit very much. Sometimes, they will also use fruit instead of dinner, mainly because the fruit contains wealthy trace elements and can replenish energy for the human body. In all fruits, durian is a unique existence, people like very much, do not like people can be said to avoid. For those who like to eat durian, durian is a rare delicacy, because the shelf life of fruit is relatively short, so sometimes durian will be frozen up, so how to thaw quickly? This is going to use the frozen durian microwave thawing equipment produced by … Read more

Application of Microwave Sterilizing Equipment

In our daily life, many foods we eat often contain some bacteria. If the storage conditions are appropriate, these bacteria will multiply, destroy the composition of food, so that the appearance and quality of food will be affected after eating them will damage our health. Therefore, to ensure the quality of food and extend its shelf life, it is necessary to insecticide and sterilizes food. Microwave sterilizing equipment Leader Microwave Equipment Company has been engaged in the microwave industry for many years and has rich experience in production. The company’s microwave drying equipment, microwave defrosting equipment, and microwave puffing equipment … Read more

The best method of slow freezing of frozen meat

Before eating the meat taken out from the refrigerator, we usually need to thaw it under room temperature or cold water. In factories, thawing large pieces of frozen meat in this way before processing takes a long time and has problems such as uneven temperature inside and outside, dark color, poor quality, and easy-to-breed bacteria. Two common ways of thawing, and our equipment: Natural thawing, water thawing, microwave thawing – microwave frozen meat slowing, and thawing equipment. 1. Naturally thawing, placing the meat on the thaw rack, and thawing it by increasing the air temperature. Advantages: small loss of gravy; … Read more

Introduction of Large Microwave Freezer

From the heating point of view, microwave thawing actually heats up the frozen matter as a whole, and the temperature rises from deep freezing temperature (below-22 ℃) to near freezing point temperature (about-4℃). Therefore, microwave thawing should be microwave rewarming, to be exact. The microwave thawing of the industrial microwave thawing machine has the characteristics of the integral return temperature of the frozen material, a small return temperature gradient. Also means the temperature uniformity is good, the required time is short, and the temperature rise rate is easy to control and the like. The large-scale microwave thawing machine produced by the Leader … Read more

Frozen Chicken Microwave Defrost Machine: smart defrost small helper

Microwave defrosting refers to the method of defrosting frozen food under the action of certain frequency electromagnetic waves. Compared with traditional natural defrosting, water immersion, or water drenching defrosting. It has prominent advantages of short time, uniform internal and external heat, reduced meat loss, no loss of nutrients, a clean environment, and high product hygiene standards. Frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine is a kind of special equipment for defrosting frozen food. The microwave defrosting equipment is composed of a tunnel-type microwave generator box and a conveyor belt. To adapt to different sizes of meat defrosting required speed, the speed of … Read more