Fast Low Temperature Microwave Thawing Equipment

Processing Processing PDF Some frozen items such as quick-frozen foods are generally stored in an environment below -18 °C and need to be thawed before production. If it adopts improper thawing methods, the quality and taste of the food will be affected. Rapid low-temperature microwave thawing equipment uses cold and wet airflow and the low-temperature environment as the microwave thawing environment. In the thawing process, the cold, wet airflow forms a layer of frost film on the surface of the frozen material. After the formation of frost film, due to microwave heating, the internal temperature of frozen material rises, the … Read more

Industrialized Microwave Thawing Equipment

Processing Processing PDF With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, as a guarantee of food safety, food quality requirements have become the focus of widespread concern. Microwave thawing is a non-drip state in which the frozen product is heated to -2 degrees Celsius using microwave penetration and selective heating characteristics of -42 to -18 degrees Celsius. Compared with existing technology, industrialized microwave thawing equipment has the following advantages: 1. Industrialized microwave thawing equipment has reasonable structure design and convenient operation. It adopts a 915MHz microwave energy generator. The combined power of the equipment … Read more