How to unfreeze the frozen sirloin?

Many people like to eat sirloin, eat meat, and also supplement the abundant nutrition. The nutritive value of the ox is very high. Not only is the fat content small, but it also contains high-quality protein and all kinds of amino acid, which can adequately supplement the human body requirements. As the sirloin is more susceptible to deterioration, it is usually frozen, and how will it be thawed at the time of consumption? The frozen beef and microwave thawing equipment produced by the leader microwave equipment can be used to unfreeze the sirloin.

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen sirloin :

1. Thaw speed is fast

The microwave of the frozen sirloin microwave thawing machine can be heated directly inside the frozen brisket without the need for the heat conduction process. It can improve production efficiency and greatly save the thawing time. It usually takes only a few minutes to thaw the sirloin.

2. Simplify the thawing process

Microwave thawing eliminates the natural thawing room and shelf, avoids the waste of water thawing water, and thawed the frozen beef brisket microwave thawing machine, which can protect the environment, clean and hygienic. The product quality is easy to control.

3. Uniform thawing

Microwave thawing can make the frozen brisket watch be subjected to the electromagnetic field’s action at the same time to produce heat. So the thawing uniformity is good, and the phenomenon of external heat and internal cooling will not occur by using a microwave thawing machine.

4. Ensuring nutrition

Microwave thawing function keeps the taste, protein, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients of frozen brisket undamaged. The characteristics of rapid microwave thawing enable frozen brisket to quickly pass through the temperature area where bacteria propagate in large numbers and avoid pollution.

5. Reduce the meat loss rate.

Natural thawing and water thawing will lead to meat loss, the meat loss rate is 5 ≤ 10%, microwave thawing equipment will not cause meat quality loss, the meat loss rate is less than 1%.

The comparison between the microwave thawing equipment and the traditional method of unfreezing of frozen beef cattle:

Most of the traditional thawing methods are water thawing, although water thawing can also thaw frozen beef brisket, the disadvantages of water thawing are also very obvious. The first is that the thawing time is longer because the water thawing is to thaw the frozen beef brisket step by step from the outside to the inside, so it takes a long time. Secondly, the energy consumption is large, whether it is water resources or electric energy, the consumption of water thawing is relatively large, but also cause environmental pollution. In contrast, the use of frozen beef brisket microwave thawing equipment will not cause these problems.

After microwave thawing of frozen brisket, the meat is fresh and tender, rich in taste, well received by consumers, and has brought very rich profits to manufacturers. At present, the application of microwave technology is more extensive, such as frozen chicken leg microwave thawing equipment, tea mushroom microwave drying equipment, vegetable microwave sterilization equipment, and so on, brought great convenience to our life. I believe that as long as we seize the opportunity, our life must be very beautiful!