Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Fish Balls

The fishball is a stuffed ball made of fish meat and is fine in material selection, exquisite in preparation, uniform in the skin, smooth, and crisp in food, and not greasy in a soup. The invention has the advantages of good taste, white and exquisite color, smooth and crisp texture, elasticity and delicious taste, and has special seafood flavor. It also has a high nutritional value and is a favorite food for most people.

frozen fish ball

It is well known that food such as fish balls needs to be frozen and preserved. Otherwise, it is easy to rot and deteriorate, so it needs to be thawed when eaten. It is vital to find an excellent thawing method, and many ways have some disadvantages. Nowadays, with the progress of science and technology, microwave thawing equipment for frozen meat, microwave thawing equipment for seafood, microwave thawing equipment for frozen fruit, and so on, the microwave thawing equipment of frozen fish balls with, leader microwave equipment company has also become a best seller.

The advantages of the microwave thawing equipment for frozen fish balls are as follows:

  1. Microwave processing time is greatly shortened, with the characteristics of short time and fast speed.
  2. The microwave freezer can be sterilized at a lower temperature to maintain the nutritional composition and traditional flavor of the material.
  3. Microwave is used directly in food and does not produce additional heat loss, thus saving energy to the greatest extent.
  4. The microwave freezer for frozen fish balls can ensure the normal operation of the equipment without a boiler or complex pipeline system as long as it has basic water and electrical conditions.
  5. The microwave freezer for frozen fish balls is flexible and convenient, easy to operate, improve working conditions, and save space.
  6. The loss rate of fish balls is low, after microwave thawing, the original color will be maintained, and the nutrients will not be lost.
  7. With proper microwave feeding mode and power regulation, three appropriate air cooling fans are installed at the back of the cabinet of microwave thawing equipment, which can be used for dehumidification, which can provide good heating uniformity and the best thawing effect.
  8. The microwave thawing device of frozen fish balls adopts stainless steel, which can meet all the food processing standards. The good stroke design ensures the safety of microwave leakage and the convenience of operation.

Working principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen fish balls:

The principle of microwave thawing is that electromagnetic wave plays a unique role in the polar groups of polymers and low molecules in frozen products, especially in water molecules. It makes polar molecules constantly change the arrangement direction in the high-frequency electromagnetic field when the molecules rotate, vibrate, collide with each other, rub and produce heat. The higher the frequency of the electromagnetic waves, the greater the collision and friction, the more heat is generated, and the faster the thawing speed is.

The microwave thawing equipment for frozen fish balls has a wide range of applications. It can also be used to thaw frozen meat, seafood, frozen fruit, frozen dumplings, and other products, and the ideal thawing effect can be achieved.

Compared with the previous water-thawing, natural thawing, or other thawing methods, the microwave thawing is an advanced thawing method, which not only solves the disadvantages of the traditional thawing method but also integrates the new technology to make the unfrozen product achieve a satisfactory effect. The frozen fish pill microwave unfreezing equipment is worth believing and has to be well received.