Why are microwave food freezers so popular in the microwave industry?

With the development of science and technology, our daily life has also been greatly improved. Some foods that need long-distance transportation or short shelf life will usually be frozen to extend their shelf life, such as frozen pork, frozen duck neck, and so on, but when eating, they need to be thawed will be used in a microwave food freezer.

frozen food

The leader microwave equipment is a professional microwave unfreezing equipment supplier. After repeated comparison, we selected the microwave food unfreezing machine of the company, and the advantage is very obvious.

Advantages of microwave food freezer:

  1. The Microwave food thawing machine has short thawing time and high efficiency.
  2. The microwave penetration of microwave food thawing equipment is strong, and the thawing effect is uniform and consistent.
  3. It only works on the frozen food itself, the temperature rise of the box cavity is small, and the energy loss is less.
  4. The thawing and sterilization of the microwave freezer can be completed at the same time.
  5. Without thermal inertia, the microwave thawing machine is easy to control the thawing process.
  6.  Microwave thawing equipment covers a small area, clean and hygienic environment, low labor intensity, can extend the shelf life.

When used, it will be found that the microwave food unfreezing machine is not only convenient and fast but also the production is very high. The most important is that the unfrozen food is not different from the fresh food and is well received by the consumers, particularly compared with the traditional thawing mode, and the advantages are obvious.

Microwave food freezer

Comparison between microwave food freezer and traditional thawing method:

The traditional thawing method has many advantages and is commonly used for thawing and unfreezing the water. The similarity between the two thawing methods is that the frozen food is thawed from the outside, the thawing time is long, and there is uneven thawing. A large amount of water hitting the frozen food will result in meat loss and increase production costs.

Microwave thawing is carried out in the form of a microwave. Microwave can directly act on the interior of frozen food. When thawed inside and outside at the same time, the thawing is rapid and uniform, and there will be no nutritional loss.

After some experimental comparison, we found that the microwave thawing equipment can bring us great convenience. As a professional manufacturer of microwave thawing equipment, we also produced many different types of microwave thawing equipment to help the manufacturer select different equipment according to their own needs.

Microwave thawing equipment

With the development of science and technology, all kinds of new technologies have gradually appeared in our daily life. Microwave technology is also one of the microwave food thawing machines produced by, leader microwave equipment Company, which is very in line with our actual production needs and brings us rich profits. We will also reach a long-term cooperative relationship with the company. Simultaneously, the microwave thawing equipment of frozen pork and the microwave drying equipment of tea mushroom are produced by the company. Rose microwave extraction equipment and so on, are some hot equipment.

It is believed that with the help of the company and the microwave food unfreezing machine, our production level will have a very big change, and the future is worth looking forward to!