Development of microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood

Do you like seafood? Are you upset about thawing seafood? Are you looking for a good way to thaw seafood? After reading this article, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Seafood products

As shown in the figure, this is the seafood that is unfrozen by the frozen seafood microwave thawing machine produced by the leader microwave equipment company. Compared with the traditional thawing method, such as water unfreezing or natural thawing, the microwave thawing is an advanced thawing mode, and the defrosting effect can be better realized.

The advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine products are as follows:

  1. The unfreezing equipment can realize the continuous operation of the post-freezing and post-treatment process of the freeze-thaw storage device.
  2. For some packaged products, it is not necessary to open the package, and the seafood microwave thawing machine can be thawed.
  3. Because water is not needed during thawing, the working environment can be ensured to be dry and clean, and the working environment is excellent.
  4. By setting the thawing conditions of the product, anyone can conduct the thawing operation and ensure the stable quality of the product after thawing.
  5. Defrosting safe and hygienic, does not cause bacterial contamination due to non-use of water, and also saves water costs.
  6. The microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood is advanced in technology, simple in construction, saving manpower and reducing the occupation of working space.
  7. Investment savings, environmental protection, pollution-free, saving a large amount of shelf and ground space needed for natural thawing, and reducing the requirements for a hygienic environment.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood

The seafood microwave thawing equipment has beautiful appearance, novel design and small area. It is a rare good equipment for food processing factory, which can bring considerable economic benefits and promote the development of enterprises.

Working principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine products:

The working principle of the freezer is that the microwave freezer is used for thawing-18 degrees frozen food. The thawed material is put into the thawing pool filled with water, and the water is tossed quickly with high pressure bubbles, so that the products can collide with each other and rub with each other in the thawing pool, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid thawing. There is a constant temperature pool next to the thawing pool, and water flows from the thermostatic pool to the thawing machine inlet. With the thawing of frozen products, the products on the net chain come out in the direction of discharge, and the water temperature in the thawing pool slowly drops. During this period of time, the water enters the thermostatic pool from the thawing pool, thus recycling, saving water resources and protecting the environment.

schematic diagram

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