Meat Microwave Thawing Equipment

Processing Processing PDF Microwave thawing equipment is used to thaw and preserve meat (beef, mutton, prawns, chicken, duck) foods during food thawing processing. Some of the drawbacks of traditional defrosting equipment: Some frozen foods, such as quick-frozen foods, are generally stored in an environment below -18 °C and need to be thawed before production. The common methods of thawing are as follows: 1. The ordinary water bath method is also called natural thawing. It is to put the frozen goods directly into normal temperature water or cold water for thawing. It usually takes several hours to ten hours or even … Read more

Seafood Microwave Thawing Machine

Processing Processing PDF Microwave thawing makes use of polar molecular vibration to generate elastic collision with surrounding molecules, frictional heat generation, its heating method is generated from the inside of the product material. The way of tempering the food has advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth of the product, and a small footprint unmatched by other methods. As a flow production line, industrial microwave thawing equipment is generally long and large, and safety is also important. Advantages of Seafood microwave thawing machine: 1. Microwave thawing machine, the metal shielding door can reflect the microwave that is leaked into … Read more

Automatic Fast Food Box Lunch Heating Sterilizer Equipment LD1901

Processing Processing PDF Automatic fast food box lunch heating sterilizer equipment is a prepackaged food secondary temperature returning sterilization equipment. Microwave Heating Equipment For Lunch Box includes microwave heating chamber, microwave generator, microwave suppressor, material conveyor, control and detector, moisture exhauster, cleaning door, cleaning brush, small hole, moisture drain, material conveying. The unit passes inside the microwave heating chamber and is fixed, with a microwave suppressor fixed on both sides of the material conveyor. An exhaust heat sinks fixed on the upper side of the microwave heating chamber, an infrared radiation thermometer, and control and detection devices are installed at … Read more