The best method of slow freezing of frozen meat

Before eating the meat taken out from the refrigerator, we usually need to thaw it under room temperature or cold water. In factories, thawing large pieces of frozen meat in this way before processing takes a long time and has problems such as uneven temperature inside and outside, dark color, poor quality, and easy-to-breed bacteria.

Two common ways of thawing, and our equipment:

Natural thawing, water thawing, microwave thawing – microwave frozen meat slowing, and thawing equipment.

1. Naturally thawing, placing the meat on the thaw rack, and thawing it by increasing the air temperature.

Advantages: small loss of gravy;

Disadvantages: long time, large footprint, poor color.

2. Water thawing: Including static water thawing and dynamic water thawing. Dynamic hydrolysis can be divided into water and spray.

Advantages: Simple equipment and fast speed.

Disadvantages: loss of gravy, microbial contamination.

3. Microwave frozen meat thawing equipment: quick thawing speed; the frozen product is evenly distributed after thawing; the frozen product is not easy to cut after thawing; microwave thaw saves electricity.

Why microwave thawing equipment is better than traditional thawing:

Microwave defrosting equipment introduction: frozen meat mitigation microwave thawing equipment is different from traditional heating thawing equipment.

Traditional thawing characteristics: thawing by water-dissolving thawing method and natural thawing method. The energy is mainly transmitted by heat conduction because the surface of raw materials is the first to be heated in the way of heat conduction. The surface of frozen products is easily heated and converted into water, decreasing heat conductivity and slowing the thawing speed.

Microwave retardation technology, also known as microwave thawing technology, is the use of polar molecular vibration to generate elastic collisions with surrounding molecules and to observe heat generation under the action of high-frequency radiation of electromagnetic waves. The heating method is generated from the inside of the product material. This method to warm the defrosted raw materials has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth, and a small footprint.

The thawing principle of microwave frozen meat slowing and thawing equipment:

The thawing products are blown by a low temperature and high humidity circulation system, which produces a symmetrical airflow structure on the surface layer of the products and automatically controls the thawing temperature, humidity, and time curve according to PLC.

The low-temperature and high-humidity thawing equipment reduces the cost and maintains the original characteristics of the product and the sensory freshness of the surface layer, completely satisfying the fresh sales in the sales market after thawing.


The features of microwave frozen meat slowing and thawing equipment :

A microwave source with a frequency of 2450 MHz or 915 MHz is selected. When heating, the microwave penetrates the inside and outside of the material to heat together, without heat conduction, and can be thawed with a packaging bag, which is fast, low in energy consumption, green and environmentally friendly, and clean and hygienic. Defrosting requires less operating staff. It has a good working environment.

More importantly, microwave thawing is a new type of thawing method that adapts to the development trend. It uses high-power density 915MHz microwave to penetrate meat products, ensuring uniformity of temperature inside and outside after thawing.

It takes only ten minutes from -18 ° C to -2 ° C. After thawing, the color, nutritional value, taste are basically unchanged, continuous production is realized, and the reproduction of harmful bacteria is greatly reduced. It is a good method of thawing meat products at this stage. Thawed meat products include beef and mutton, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, and other products.